what am I I am words and song I am binded and stolen
drummers three Tis the sound of the drum
What makes a Bard? Magick and music and words from deep
reborn in my body I sit looking through a keyhole
winter sunset Far I stretch into silver blue,
The raven that flew The raven has fallen, the golden flies high
Royal Society for the protection of dragons Leather lyings shallow, A taste of blood and oil
The Silver Blade My silver coat now erodes, and my headache now explodes
The sounds of the winds song Beating heart it is a drum
Sleep oh Herne Old man, lie carefully down, Your antlers worn your movements slow
Druids Grove Oak bekons me and I flow, Through the shadows of the night
My fey Intruder Theres a scraping at your door, eyes watch you from the dark
A house for the storm Moon speaks in silver, a moon of awakening
Magick Water gurgling out of dry spout, A robin in deepest snow
Magick(2) A robin in the snow, Magnetic, electric, energy in flow
Easterly Breeze I heard a calling, a mention, a name
Trees Song The wind old friend whispers my songs, Sun warms my roots and bark
words and meaning My mind as the lava rock, unbidden blood and flowing
She She stands naked in the wind and rain
Opening A weight upon my brow my friend
The Wolf harken the beast, his eyes full of hate
True flight stand high on the line of life
Lair of sanctuary Swords fixed upon his brow, He wakens mornfully at last
words and meaning  Bursting budding as a tree, silent as the stone
Ladys Letter  I stand here as I have ever done
The place of no return This is a shadow from which I came
Fury Answer me! You who know all!
magickal Close your mind, It is everything.
Call Me I said if you called I'd be there
Walk of Honour Her eyes they shine for me you know
Stolen Words I wonder if this was the part you stole?
This is the land that I love After the thunder , a branch of light, a leaf shimmering bright
The telling o fthe wolf This is a place I go to within
Hunters Horn We sit by the fire and listen to your song
Love Her lips, her eyes, her sound
Loose you in the Oaks May I take you deep into my wood?
Light and Dark In my heart I am the dawn
Meeting I sleep and dream of golden things
Searching ever Searching My heart is locked from battles long past
Dragons Earth I rose again to see the Sun
The Spinner I am a spiral at the edge of vision
Searching My heart is locked from battles long past
Journey Herne I walk around to see an entrance yeilding fire
Challenging the mystery But I was angry and hard to please
a visual meditation Green and wet under my feet, the grass flows
Work Darkness as I wake, Dawn still yet to break
Anderidas bulldog I lie in wait for Gwidions arm
Bananas Its a funny old fruit, all yellow and firm
Night Out of fire comes the night
Ovate Poem By Oceans cliff edge I stand and listen to the tide
Horny Ocean I rode the wave last night
eternal love I have met my match you know, she lies here in the snow
The fifth day Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day
Find me darkness I am shadow and I am nigh, I slip into shadow here
mead and bread Let the darkness loosen the bricks of your head
Goldfish of wizdom and I'll swim around this rock one more time
Spring Dark the trees and black star sky
renewal she's lost to me,. I gaze once more into the fishing pool
banana There's something in your pocket
Ode to Amy   Mischief! I call you!
Ode To Sydney Most Buxom of creatures
Autum greeting Stands a figure in the trees
Has the fire gone  Has all the fire gone?
Quiet race but you veil your face
Elven For our fate is entwined with those afar
Fey on the Moor on a moor I did see them
To Spell To breathe, to bind
Knowing a spell this is yet another spell
Cats pee  I lick my paw
Spoken to the Green To the Green I said
A song for Peace Earth in humanity cries out cease!
Autumn Fire  The burning of the flame in leaves and fires are the same
Dark within My darkness to the shadows goes far from light
Magick signs You shall begin to understand
the uses of magic  Its not the word nor the motion of the wand
Across the veil welcome spirits across the veil
clearing to listen and slowly he fades without a trace
pagan in the city, pagan in the wood All the chaos and bustle!
The hunter of the hundred The hunter of the hundred