Controlling your thoughts.

For ages people have flattered the mind - the biggest brain, the furthest rocket, the largest bomb... We think that the brain is what makes us great. And yet its also the brain that causes stress, anxiety, fear, depression. All of these are killers in our "modern" society.

What we need to learn is that the brain is only a part of us much like a leg or a tooth and without control we can and do fall over.

People often have a number of symptoms that come from a lack of mind discipline as follows:

  • repeated negative scenarios
  • inability to concentrate
  • inability to be peaceful
  • inability to stop thinking
  • Palputations or rapid heart beat without exercise or need
  • Panic attacks
  • shortness of breath
  • insomnia (unable to sleep)
  • vivid and repeated nightmares
  • uncontrolled daydreams
  • regular headaches

I'm sure there are many more symptoms however enough with the results, lets move on to the SOLUTION!

Yes. that old thing.
Stop. Lie down. Breath in. Stop. Hold it. count to 4. and slowly though your mouth breathe out.
Why does this work? well simply put you need oxygen. Without it you start to die. Your body reacts to lack of oxygen with irregular heartbeat and stress.

Simple guided meditations allow you to detach yourself from what your told you see and become what is know as "the watcher". Meditations often use the breathing technique to help enter a meditative state. Other guidance may be available too. After a while your mind will become accustomed to meditating and the process of entering the state will get progressively easier. You should find after regular meditation your alertness increases.

Thought Control
What? Ok ok don't panic, this is about you controlling your own thoughts.
And this is a statement that always suprises me -
er I mean, don't I already control my own thoughts?
If this is also your question think about this: if you keep revisiting a situation in the past that was negative, try and stop.
- that means no new thoughts ever about that situation.
Not to worry its a supprise to many people. The mind is complex thing and our society doesn't teach children or adults how to care for their mind
ok. So be aware.
Remember to watch your thoughts - when a thought comes (or starts to play) that is a negative scenario (you may have more than one to play) then just stop it. Its a bit like a film.
Stop the film.
And tell yourself not to play the film because it doesn't help.
Also Think of 10 wonderful things that have happened recently or good things - for example:

  • lying on cut grass looking up on a warm sunny day at the clouds
  • having a shower
  • having a hot bath
  • The first hour of a day off work - maybe even the previous evening
  • Someone you like alot smiling at you
  • A hug from someone you like alot
You wil have to make your own list!
The main thing is to keep doing it keep catching the negatives and immediately force yourself to think of positives.