Meditation comes in various forms, I'd suggest you try meditating on your own to start, heres some tips to getting into the right state of mind:
The simplest things are the most important. Take a deep slow breathe in. Hold it and count to 4. Slowly breathe it out.
and again. and again.
Create your surroundings
When meditating its a good idea to change the room so that each time you meditate your mind can associate items with the practice. You mind likes to make habits, habits are repeated until the subconcious mind can trigger automatically.
Heres some more ideas

  • use a throw that has a pattern or texture you really like
  • remove anything that reminds you of anything negative
  • bring in some rose quartz around the room
  • light candles and turn all electrical things off (
    bare flames are dangerous - best to get a large bowl of water and have small floating candles)
  • Find some meditation music that you like and play it
  • make sure you can lie down or sit very comfortably
  • Bring in pictures of calm or very very good vibes
  • Ensure as far as possible that you are not expecting visitors or phone calls or any kind of disturbance
  • Use an inscense you like to sent the room
  • Be awake, this is a meditation not a nap!
  • Don't use the various items for anything else otherwise your association with them will be vaguer